Periodic Tenancy Ended

My daughter & partner had a fixed-term tenancy
Ended 2018 and became periodic tenancy
Her partner gave notice, ending the tenancy
Lettings co accepted the notice
My daughter stayed, asked for a reduction
No reply
She stayed but did not sign any contract
Liable for mesbe profits
She left end of April, rent paid in advance
Lettings agent says she didnt give notice
Says partner’s notice was not valid
She has contacted the repeatedly
Have not accepted keys, office not open
Deposit held
No answer from lettings office

whose name is the contract in?

Who or what is Alumni Accommodation ?

If a joint tenancy exists, one partner leaves and gives notice but the AST is not altered to an individual both parties are still liable for all payments.Just saying I’m leaving and I’m not responsible any more is not acceptable. If one leaves, untraceable, says nothing, the remaining partner is liable.

If the departing partner signed something or has evidence of acceptance with the agent but the agent did not contact the remaining party then there may be grounds which may help you, as the managing agent should have contacted the remaining party. Either way the landlord will still want his income from the tenant(s) or agent; whoever is liable . Plus if the agent is denying notice and there is no evidence then both parties are liable if the notice period was not adhered too.

Did the remaining partner notify the agent that she wished to individually take on the AST (charges could apply) .Evidence is required, also see above.

Tenant notice to quit is one month - in writing email or letter and accepted. If that was given there is no case.

When she left the property then utilities would have been told yes? If the tenant did not follow due process then these costs can be added to the debt. Assuming the tenant was in the wrong. If the tenant was correct then it would be down to the landlord. I would like to be a fly on the wall with the conversation with the Agent.

Tenant at fault - If all fails the guarantor will be the next step, if there was one?

You need a complete evidence trail from both partners , otherwise no evidence - they will have to jointly pay - sorry just sharing thoughts.

You can also, if you believe you have the evidence, as without it don’t bother you will lose; contact the Custodial Protection Organisation who holds the deposit and make a claim for your deposit. That will kick the Agent or Landlord into action as there are timed periods for reply.

Again I reiterate without evidence you will lose.

Good luck.