Periodic tenancy - tenants refuse to leave

I had 4 tenants (two couples) in my property, on a fixed term tenancy until July 2020. One of the couple gave notice. I accepted it and left. I also accepted to let the other couple stay on a periodic tenancy.
I now found a buyer for the house but the tenants refuse to leave on agreed completion day (three months from now on), as they are protected by the 6 months notice Covid related measure.
Is there any way to claim that they are trespassers? This would help me convince them to move out on time and complete the transaction. I read on some legal blogs that there are some legal precedents whereby periodic tenancies are not valid if one of the tenants gives notice and moves out. Is that true?

Doesn’t matter, nothing you can do even if they aren’t on the tenancy and are considered ‘trespassers’. They have rights and it’s still 6 months notice until they owe 6 months rent. I have someone in my property - tenant moved out nearly 3 months ago and gave him the keys.

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You have accepted their rent so I dont see how you claim they were trespassers. Only 1 tenant needs to give notice to end a periodic tenancy so you could have ended it in July but now it is too late.

They have no need to move so your only real hope would be to offer them an incentive to move to your timescales, payable after they move out.

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