Placing holding deposit

Good evening,
I went to see a property and we are interested to rent it but we have issues placing the deposit.
If we go to the website and click on the place that we want to rent all goes well. We click rent now (green button) and then appears the blue button for the holding deposit.
At this point it jumps to our previous messages with the landord.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Do you have the landlords agreement to let the property to you?

Have you mutual agreement to place a holding deposit ?
You can’t just decide you want the property unilaterally. When a HD is placed all marketing and other viewings are cancelled.

never place a deposit without first asking the landlord, or you risk annoying him and you will not get the place

This is exaclty what i did today ,i dont even know my fate

you placed a deposit on a place without the consent of the landlord ?

Yes,she rejected but i apologise to her ,i dont know if she will still consider me.I need a house urgently

do not do it again, it really annoys landlords . just keep looking, its tough as many landlords feel it is not worth the hassle so there will be less rentals around.

Hi Steve - just to clarify, this is not the case. Only when a holding deposit is accepted is action taken. A landlord has 72 hours to respond. Worth noting that whilst a deposit request hasn’t been accepted, the tenant can withdraw freely.

I am in need of two or three bedroom apartment please.Over 4months now that i have been sesrching

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