Please advise me what should I do to solve this

hello, i have a question I have two months notice. I spoke to the landlord and he agreed I could move out sooner after I signed a contract with another landlord and paid a deposit and a month for the house My old landlord texted me that he changed his mind and that I should stay and pay for another month. I don’t know what to do I don’t have any money right now before Christmas

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@Paulina3 You’ve signed a new tenancy already with new landlord?

If that’s the case I would certainly not stay and would rely on LL to sue you. It may be difficult to get your deposit back from the scheme he should have registered it with as he will likely try to deduct last month rent. You will have chance to contest it before this happens.

If you have yet to sign a new AST then it may be far easier to stay another month.

Another option if to discuss situation with new landlord (if signed)

How did he give you the 2 months notice to quit?


The strength of your argument with the deposit scheme people is can you prove he agreed to let you surrender the tenancy early, or once you had found another property.


gave me two months’ notice 'cause I haven’t lived here a year.and I want to move out because there is a mold
on the walls the paint is peeling off the walls in the living room the ceiling fell on the floor and it happened 5 months ago and the repair of this ceiling has not been finished until now and since I have small children, I didn’t want to live here anymore, the mold is also in the kitchen cupboards

I don’t care about the deposit, let him take it but I’m afraid that I may have some problems because I’m moving out

What problems are you worried about?
I’ve re-read your first post and it seems you’ve already paid a new landlord.
Has he given you the 2 month notice to quit in writing?
I would focus on moving out and creating a good relationship with new landlord.


Tell the landlord that he cant renege on the deal now due to the legal principle of promissory estoppel. The court would side with the tenant if he tried to sue you. Hopefully you have an email or text message confirming his promise.


do not give up on the deposit . Fight it


You said he texted you which is in itself admitting original deal. I do not think you have anything to worry. Why would I text someone to tell I changed my mind if there was no initial agreement? If you sorted your agreement with new landlord focus on that relationship and do not let the previous LL to come between you and new LL.


yes i have an email from him


Then I would simply say sorry you cant go back on your word and sue me if you think you have a case.


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