Possession Oder granted - but written judgement not out after 2 months

I applied for a possession order on Grounds 8 because of rent arrears. The Judge ruled in my favour and I was granted possession. However it is now over 2 months and the written judgement has not come through. I am based in East London, is this common in other areas? How long does it take a to get out the written judgement taking into consideration the resource shortages? Is it possible to initiate the Warrant for Possession process without the written judgment.

Have you contacted the Court to chase it up?

I have contacted the court which is not an easy process, the phone is permanently engaged and when I got through after days of trying I was on hold for over 2 hours. I was informed that there is a back log and that it could take up to 60 working days . I keep on checking on the portal - the call records are there but no mention on the case outcome.

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Another forum poster had a similar issue and got a result when he involved his MP.

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Thanks for this information, it is worthy trying. I will give it a go.

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Yikes that’s ridiculous I would becoming very vocal.

There in no one to get vocal with, the court has has no staff on the ground apart from the security guards, and when you call it a nightmare, when you get through you are on hold for about 2 hrs before you get through to someone who basically does nothing apart from recording down what you have said.

I think a complaint using there formal complains procedure and also to your MP is your next move

There is no formal complaint procedure, I wrote a letter and I do not think anyone read it. They simply uploaded it on the portal, they did not even send an acknowledgement.

I have some good news, 2 weeks after writing to the MP the possession order came through. I do not know whether it was because of the MP involvement, or my persistence or just the passage of time. Now I have applied for a possession warrant, let’s hope this will not take another 3 months.

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I ran my own employment tribunal claim. And there was definitely a formal complaint’s procedure if you were not satisfied with the service especially as they have to follow practise direction rules. I am pleased you finally have your possession order and hope you get your property back sooner rather than later.

I submitted my own N5b to the court yesterday so let the games begin.

How did you get on with your N5b, have the hearing been. As for me I applied for a warrant of possession on the 10th November and up to now I have not heard from the bailiff. I have tried contact them, they neither answer their phone nor reply to the email. I do not know what to do apart from sitting back and wait and live in hope.