Post Section 21

Sect 21 issued after end of AST and now periodic. Tenant has till 8th April. Living elsewhere now but all furniture and lots of personal effects still in my property. Has been telling me he will clear everything by 8/4 but no movement yet. What can I do on the 8/9th if still no movement. Gas is off due to non payment, crap all over the house. Any advice or past experiences grateful. TIA

Get him to sign a deed of surrender. If he refuses, there may be other options to speed things up so come back for more info.

Don’t think there’s much chance of getting him to sign anything. Won’t contact me. Unsure where he’s now living. Anything else to recommend pls ?

Speak to an eviction specialist and make sure all your documentation is up to date or you have evidence of multiple attempts to do so

If you think he has abandoned the property, then you may be able to re-take possession by accepting this as an implied surrender. Its not without risk, but if you keep good evidence, it would help.

Do a google search for the youtube video of the housing lawyer David Smith talking about abandoned tenancies.

Ive had this a few times, once i dumped everything at their parents house, or you take stuff to his current address if you are sure they can offload
next option take careful inventory photos and dump everything but backdate a couple of notes saying if you dont clear i will as i have no storage facility etc then dump the stuff. Maybe take a witness.
You need to re rent and stop stressing
Be careful what you say to council tax wallahs they will chase you for money so you need to ensure you say he still has possession till his stuff goes. He still has keys doesnt he!
Lastly maybe change a lock if he does have keys euro locks are simple to change. I have gone over to yale laser cut where u need a pasword


Wait until the 8th, advise him anything left will dumped. Take a locksmith change the locks, bin the stuff and move on.

Try not to stress to much about it, if he replies great but don’t wait don’t give him more time to move stuff. The courts given a date and that’s it.


We have to do this all the time with student tenants. Make sure they have left - at least get confirmation of when they are going to move out via email. If they don’t respond then they still have posession and are liable for rent payments. I assume they’d want their deposit back (hopefully you have a deposit). Before move out date, tell them if they don’t clear out then you will have to hire a cleaning company to empty and clean the place, or a skip, if that’s necessary, and it would have to come out of their deposit.

This is very dangerous advice. It may seem like common sense, but it’s unfortunately not legal and can lead to a lot of trouble for the landlord.