proof of income

I receive cash income and need to provide proof of income for renting an apartment. What alternative options can I explore to meet the landlord’s requirement for bank statements?

accountants statement. or inland revenue statements

If you receive cash with no paperwork I would assume everyone is trying to avoid paying tax or is working on the blackmarket. You would immediately be removed from my list of prospective tenants.


It sounds like you are self employed, so you will do a tax return. You could show previous years tax returns or maybe a letter from your accountant if your business is newer.

However, if you are not declaring your cash income to HMRC, then it is very unlikely any Landlord will allow this to be taken into consideration. If you make the choice to keep your income ‘off the record’ you will never have any records to prove it!

Never be able to get a mortgage !

I had an applicant for a .place a few years ago. Turned out he was working on some of the jobs I was on. I knew he was “flying under the radar” so no reference could be done. If fiddling the taxman, one day he may fiddle me

I wouldn’t take you without a papertrail for your income. If the landlord you’re considering will then he’s not very likely to be much of a decent landlord.

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