Properties available

Every time I look on here all I can find is properties that are already let. It’s so frustrating when you put in your area and it say for example " 7 properties" then they are all gone!!

Widen your area? Shows how good openrent is if you are quick.

I have tried that but only so far you can go :neutral_face:

Blame the Government for the shortage of private rentable property. Many landlords are sick and tired of the never ending onslaught of rules and regulations resulting in higher taxation and increased costs which ultimately will force rents of the scale which us already happening in London! It’s a one sided persecution of Landlords and many have left the industry or plan to do so. So shortage of accommodation in a housing crisis is down to a stupid and shortsighted government who will eventually realise their judgment errors … but sadly too late.


you really think they will realise they are wrong? some hope!

Hi Collin, all I can assume is that the Government have a hidden agenda and they are wanting the private rental sector to collapse! But I’m at a loss to think why. Nobody has raised the point to government about Landlords selling off their portfolios and many others considering leaving the industry with each wave of costly Legislation changes. I could perhaps understand it if the Local Councils had somewhere to house all the people they are depriving from renting a home from a private Landlord but the truth is that they don’t have any quantity if housing stock to offer.
All the changes are pushing rents up and up and it’s becoming an increasing supply and demand scenario which will escalate rental pricing further! So, I wish someone would tell me why Landlords are being continuously persecuted .