Questionnaire for potential tenants

I’ve recently listed a property and have had lots of interest - I’ve set aside Saturday, Sunday & Monday to do viewings pretty much all day.
To help me narrow down the list I was thinking that I could do a simple questionnaire for people to fill in with various bits of info I may need to help me narrow things down.
So far I have the following;

Expected Length of tenancy
Any pets?
Number of people to be living in the property.
Income of household

Has anyone else done something similar? If so, what else could I add?

Thanks everyone!

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I use these to screen:
Have you been late with rate?
When are you looking to rent from?

Have you got a CCJ?

Are you employed?


Thank you! I’ll add these into my list

Is it for yourself only. Do you have dependant children Do you smoke. What employment do you have Do you have any CCJ S ,. Have you rented before .Where do you live now .Have you got a car . How much do you earn . Can I do a reference check on you. How many pets do you have Just be businesslike not sentimental, you are running a business and serving the customer (tenant) . The Inland revenue view you as a business and so must you. I always assume that they wont stay longer than 6 months ,no matter what they say . However I have been pleased and surprised when tenants of 22, 6 7 10 years and so on have just stayed on . Go with your gut feeling about people, but if you find them lying to you, do not take them on.!


Thanks for the advice, I’m new to this and worry that I may make some bad decisions… I guess it’s all a learning curve, but fingers crossed for a long happy tenancy!

You cannot ask if a person is DDS as it is discriminatory, but you may ask how the earn their money.


I was under the impression that landlords could state whether or not they are happy to take DSS tenants, I may have this info incorrect and will definitely look into the wording I use…

best to be canny, listen to everyone and keep your preferences or dislikes to yourself , not voicing them. I simply say to someone “sorry I cannot help you”


I wouldnt ask anyone to fill in a questionnaire before even viewing. You will likely put off a lot of potentially good tenants from viewing with questions like this. If they like it and want to put a deposit then you can ask futher quesions and besides it will all come out with referencing. Approx 50% of my tenants have CCJ’s but they all have guarantors. Also, some questions you can ask during the viewing.

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they have to answer these questions eventually .If keen and genuine they will help you avoid the chancers


We have used a questionnaire before which did help us narrow down a few people however we found even when asked these questions: people don’t always confirm the correct answers. Its only when they waste your time by viewing they then try to convince you to take them with ccj.

Also as a heads up! People think because you are advertising via open rent you won’t be credit scoring. If you are going to credit score- personally I would make this very clear that all applicants will be credit scored.

Good luck


I sent this in a few months ago in reply to another landlord, do this through openrent before any other contact ie phone and it will clear alot of timewasters you must ask questions and set your criteria before veiwing. Use this as a start, you will find many will crash out at this stage.
" thanks for your interest in the flat, I would be obliged if you will forward a few details about yourself i.e. your name are you in permanent full time employment , are you renting now and is the flat just for yourself, can you provide a guarantor" .
You may wonder about asking their name, there are a good few that don’t give their name in the first instance.

I have just had a tenant of 5 years move on, she had an IVA and was never once late with rent -because it was controlled - give some people a break if your gut feeling says go with them


A true statement. We can all have a bad patch

Very true! Everyone deserves equal chances

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I put something up on this forum sometime ago which yo may find useful

Always ask if they have a criminal record, you can get them checked out. Most of my tenants have criminal records as I like to give people a second chance and because of that I believe is why I have never had a late payment yet. Some people get that many knock backs that when I do give them there break they don’t want to let me down. It’s important to know the person your putting into your property but open mindedness is valuable. Good luck I’m sure you will be okay.


you are a brave landlord. I have not got a criminal record…If I knew a potential tenant had knifed or robbed someone , end of application


Agree with a few others on here. I just ask people to provide more info before arranging viewings. You get the gist of whether or not they are genuinely interested and whether their story stacks up. I have three properties with tenants who wouldn’t get a property through a letting agent because they have ccj’s or are dss. They’ve all so far been very good tenants! Don’t be afraid to ask for more info on something they’ve said if you’re not sure, it’s your house at the end of the day and you need to be sure you’re happy with who you take on. Good luck.


Yes we have dog and I’m on benefits and my partner is key worker for nhs and we smoke what’s house have u got we need 2 bed property house with garden what is rent and what’s deposit many thanks louise king