Raising rent etiquette

Trust no local Councils They will LIE to you


Totally agree Colin they don’t care about private landlords they do not have enough properties to house people so they don’t care if you get your rent, they don’t care about that tenants lifestyle they just want them gone and will make them out to be holier than though!
I’m going to be honest and never accept a tenant put forward to you from the council! A good tenant will be supported by their current landlord and bank statements will always tell the truth too so bank statements along with a reference direct from the landlord should never be an issue for someone who pays their rent on time and looks after the property those two items are going to give you a true reflection on the tenant everything else such as credit ref or employment ref as both don’t show actual facts.


There is no 8% limit on raising rents unless you have a rent review clause in your tenancy agreement, (which I wouldnt recommend), capping the increase.