Renewal: Occupants increase


It has been almost a year since our tenants moved in. Initially, there was a young couple with their parents, making five people on the rental contract for the three-bedroom property. However, in the past year, the couple had another child, bringing the total number of occupants to six. I am unsure whether I need to change the rental contract or just raise the rent upon renewal. Can someone offer guidance on this matter?

Additionally, I am curious if it is permissible to have six individuals residing in a three-bedroom property with two double bedrooms and one suitable for a single person. I believe the maximum number of people allowed in this size property is four adults and two children. Thank you for your assistance.

Many Thanks!

Why would you need to raise the rent because theyve had a baby? I dont see hhe justification.

Whether its overcrowded may depend on the age and gender of the children and the size of the bedrooms.

The rent increase is not related to increasing the number of occupants; that is a separate thing and is necessary because of the mortgage renewal, which is happening next month. The new mortgage premium will be double my current one, so I have to cover my operational costs.

My question is, Do I need to change the contract to mention an additional occupant? do we still need to change the agreement for a rent increase?
I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

Children under 18 dont usually need to be mentioned on a tenancy agreement. You can usually use a s13 notice or an informal email to increase the rent and dont need a new tenancy agreement.

Thanks David for answering my questions.