Rent guarantor company for international students

Hi All,

Basically I am at a point whereby I’ve been 5 weeks without tenants so I’m having to consider alternative options to the usual ‘young professionals’ as such I am lacking the knowledge (albeit I’ve done some research) I need to make a fully informed decision.

Some international students have approached me with the prospect of providing a guarantor company called Housing Hand. They have said that they are unable to provide X number of months rent in advance or a larger deposit and so are using the company to guarantee their rent.

Has anyone let to tenants in this situation and, if so, how did you find it? My main concern is the liquidity of such companies in the event of a claim. I do have my own rent insurance on my landlord contents cover but still I could do without the extra rigmarole.

@Openrent do you still pass referencing for student’s in this situation?