Rent increase tenant disagree

Hi, I need some help please, it is the first time I have a dispute with my tenant regarding rent increase.


I have a house let out at fixed term initially and currently it is periodic tenancy. The rent has not increased since 2017. I sent a rent increase letter with section 13 (a form 4) notice to my tenant on 28 May proposing new rent from 1st July. The tenant replied in writing on 21 June said he won’t accept my rent proposal, but only willing to discuss a small increase. He also tried to use some “outstanding repairs” (disputed) to delay talking about rent increase. I tried to meet the tenant to discuss it before 1st July but the tenant refused to see me and said he was not available and will only meet after 11 July.


This tenant disagrees in writing with the proposed rent increase after being served a Section 13 but fails to refer it to the first tier tribunal review system. Is the tenant liable for new higher rent I proposed from 1st July or only liable for old lowered rent at the moment? What can I do other than come to a figure with my tenant?

Thank you in advance

The cant dispute a validly served s13 notice with you. Their only option is to challenge it through the First Tier Tribunal. Unless its way above market rents though they are unlikely to win. The increase is due from 1 July and if they continue with this line your only real option is notice and I would suggest s21. I would urge you to give a proper written response to the repair issue though, even if its only to say that youve investigated and no repaiir is required.

Thank you very much David for your help. Much appreciated.

I will do that as you suggested.

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