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I recently purchased ‘Ultimate Advertising’ for an advert. To my surprise, I have found my advert has been removed from being listed after a potential tenant placed a holding deposit on my property.
After investigation, I find this ‘Rent Now’ service is part of your top package (£49) - I did not buy this package. I bought the £29 package. I can only assume it was added as a ‘free trial’. Well, receiving this holding deposit is the first time I am even aware I have this on my advert. Now, visibility of my advert is at the whim of god knows who.
I cannot find anywhere to disable this UNWANTED ‘feature’ short of paying another £29 to relist the advert. Which I shall not do.
I am astonished and angry.
I would like the ‘Rent Now’ feature removed from my adverts asap or direction on how to do so. Currently, calling your helpline results in a promise I’ll be called back. Judging by the dismissive tone of the person on the other end, this is a promise I don’t really have much faith in being fufilled.



Hi Ziggy, thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear there has been some confusion here, I can see my colleague has already been in touch confirming that Rent Now is an optional feature. There is no obligation to use any of our services, and you are of course welcome to handle referencing, contracts, deposit protection and rent collection yourself.

A Rent Now button is present on all OpenRent listing pages, however tenants are instructed that they need permission of the Landlord to use that feature so we are sorry if this wasn’t the case in this instance.

If a holding deposit is placed that is unexpected or unwanted, you can instantly reject the tenant and refund their money using the link from our notification email or SMS.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions about using any of our services.




I purchased the £29 Ultimate Advertising package. At no point did I see ‘Rent Now’ mentioned - either as an optional feature or otherwise. All I wanted was adverts put on the portals.

My annoyance (not confusion) comes from the fact that unbeknownst to me you provided a service I did not want nor ask for and as a result my advert can be removed from searches without my permission. Being able to refund the holding deposit is not a satisfactory solution.

Upon further investigation (to which I might add - your FAQ pages are not helpful, not having a direct phone line and having to deal with an intermediary call centre that cannot directly answer questions is not helpful, being told there is no way to connect me to you or pass on a phone number is not helpful) I find this Rent Now service as part of your £49 package. Not the package I ordered according to my payment history. In addition to this, I find it is impossible to disable the Rent Now service once the advert has been placed.

You say there is no obligation to use this service - I was not given the choice.

This is not the level of service I have come to expect from yourselves. I have used Openrent a few times in the past and have never had any issues. I am very disappointed.

I do not expect any sort of resolution to arise from this. All I can do is fruitlessly voice my frustration and be extremely careful if purchasing another advert in the future.

FYI - the first time I called the number provided I was told by the woman answering that I would receive a phone call back. It was only after I called again and spoke to a different person I was informed there is no facility for this. If I had not called again I would be waiting for a phone call that would never happen due to this misinformation. Act on this how you will.



This is exactly what has happened to me. Without my permission a prospective tenant has initiated the ‘rent now’ process locking out all other possible interested tenants. Confusion all round as I have had discussions with all interested parties and nothing is sorted out. Why is it possible for a tenant to start a process I dont wish to use?

To reverse the process I know have to ‘reject’ the tenant to return the deposit I never asked for! But I dont want to reject the tenant, I just dont want to use the ‘rent now’ process. This is incredibly confusing for all and will possibly loose me this potential letting and other leads while the property is not advertised.

If landlords have not selected to use the ‘rent now’ service. it should not be an option for tenants to select it.

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Hi both, thanks for your replies.

Thanks for flagging that our phone service gave the wrong information, we will resolve this immediately and we do apologise for any inconvenience this caused. I can see you were both contacted by email regarding this situation, to which we never had a reply. You can also find guidance on our Help Centre here:

We do provide the same answer on the phone as we do in writing and on the website, and our Help Centre does provide instant answers to your questions - it definitely isn’t our intention to keep you waiting for a phone call to resolve your query.

We do completely understand your frustration when an applicant places a holding deposit and initiates the Rent Now process when that wasn’t your intention. We appreciate your feedback regarding the holding deposit option and it is something we are actively reviewing and changing currently, so your comments have been noted as part of this process.

Thanks again for your feedback and letting us know your concerns, it will help us create a better service for you and other landlords and applicants in future.



I have the same issue. I have in fact agreed a rental and sent the prospective tenant instructions to pay the holding deposit plus referencing fee to me. Instead they have paid it by clicking “Rent Now”, which is not what I wanted.

I have a few issues with this:

  1. Now I have to reject them and explain carefully that I am not rejecting them as tenants, just the process. This looks very unprofessional.
  2. I am not happy with taking the referencing cost out of the holding deposit. This is a deposit to protect me, the referencing cost is extra.
  3. I don’t want to use OpenRent’s AST - I have my own based on the NLA AST and a few customisations.
  4. I don’t want tenants to have the power to take my advert off line - this is for me to control.

So please, give me an option to remove the “Rent Now” button from my advert.



This feature needs to be looked at again. The fact it states “under offer” it stops other potential tenants from getting in touch and this is a problem to me at least. You are almost pushed to take that offer and that should not be the case.