Rent pay negotiation

One Quick question. Can and should I negotiatiate this month rent? All of us know the situation because of the lockdown. I haven’t work for last three weeks. Also what adds up to my situation is leaking roof. It started in November, after about 1,5 month they finally started doing something about it and still in the month of April I have scaffolding outside. I never asked to go down with the rent a little because of roof as I imagine is not in their power. But now I consider I should have. What should I do now?

having scaffold outside is no big deal. the work cannot be done without it >Likely the delay was because the scaffolder was so busy at first and the landlord had to wait . Now he has to wait for it to come down I am a builder so know all about these sort of delays … Regrds to rent have you told the landlord that you have not worked ? are you employed or self employed? Goverment guidelines on this are clear

Hi, if you are struggling to pay the rent, then it is always worth speaking to the landlord to see if you can come to an arrangement. Most landlords are understanding, and some will be able to afford for their tenants to pay less if they are going through a tough period. The government guidance at the moment is for landlords and tenants to be pragmatic and sensible when it comes to the effects of the virus on livelihoods and of course this flows both ways.


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