Rent to rent how to evict the tenant

I entered into a rent to rent and would like my property back. The company I used is ignoring my calls and not taken any notice of my notice to quit. How can I evict the tenants. Any advice or know someone that could help would be greatly appreciated.

This is why rent to rent is not advised by many landlords.

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Youve made a huge mistake and will likely need specialist legal support to get your property back. Google ‘rent to rent scam’ to understand why.

Hi Yes totally realised now that I made a mistake. I’m not the only person he has done this to, I just need now to know how to stop him and protect anyone in the future going through the same thing.

This is a a review web site on his company and I’ve seen others comments that he’s done this to.

What he is doing may not be illegal, but its a complicated area of law and a housing solicitor is usually the only person who can sort it out.

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