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I’m relatively new to renting properties and have just put my property up for rent with open rent. I’ve had an enquiry but rather than being from an individual, I would be renting to a synagogue for one of their employees ( the Rabbi). Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts of potential pit falls of not renting to an individual. Does anyone know if the tenancy agreement provided by open rent would still be suitable and how would I take out a reference on the synagogue. Really appreciate anyone’s help on this. Thanks

Is the synagogue paying the rent or the Rabbi?

Hi Colin. Thanks for replying…the synagogue will be paying the rent not the rabbi.

that is unusual .How to reference a synagogue. Reference from their bank? Rabbi as a guarrantor? No doubt Openrent will reply to you

Hi Colin, many thanks for your thoughts. I understand from some feedback that I have had , that an AST tenancy agreement is not suitable. I understand a tenancy agreement for company lets is required. Does anybody whether open rent supply this type of tenancy agreement or alternatively where I could get one from. Many thanks

Hi Steve

You should check with mortgage company if you have a mortgage as most will insist on a AST which I agree wouldn’t be suitable. Same applies to your buildings insurance.

I doubt openrent would offer one, I’m sure there will be one online you could pay for if you wanted to proceed.

I had a similar scenario in the past.
Basically as I understand it the synagogue becomes your tenant and they sub let to the Rabbi.
The company I was contacted by used their own Tenancy Agreement and I was meant to agree it. They did all the maintenance etc.
Obviously get legal advice but with things as they are you might even be onto a winner.

Try the RNLA for advice And download of one of their contracts.

The synagogue is a fairly safe bet but you will need to stipulate that if the Rabbi leaves and they wish to use it for someone else, you have to approve.

@Steve18 - I was just wondering if you were able to go ahead with that sort of tenancy or not as I am into same situation wherein a company wants to rent out my property which will then rent it out further to companies / holiday let and gives my rent guarantee and maintenance? I am looking for advice on what kind of agreement you went for, where and what to look out for or be careful about in such scenario.

Do not do R2R
Please join Landlord Law and listen to the R2R conference and the pitfalls attached.
This is a very complicated situation and you may find yourself fighting for survival , no rent and no access to your property

If you do want to go ahead consult David Smith of JMW for legal advice and a contract
Use your own contract not the tenant’s
This is not a normal tenancy and not subject to the same laws
You could end up being penalised by the courts as the superior Landlord


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so you lose control but if things go wrong you will get the blame ?!

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