Rentals for less than 6 months

Open Rent suggested I am exposing myself by not getting a months rent in advance for a rental of 2-3 months. Can anyone explain to me how to protect myself on a rental for under 6 months. Is there anything I should be aware of? I don’t understand why I am more vulnerable to abuse for not renting my flat for 6 months or more?
Should I definitely ask for a deposit of one months rent?

Does your insurance broker permit a contract of less than six month duration?
Eviction is the issue.
If a tenant is taking a short term let you need to take the rent upfront especially if it is only two to three months. Do not forget to take a deposit just in case of damage to the property.

I thought Open Rent took the money upfront for the rent. It says they pay you 10 days after the tenant has started the rent.
Is there a telephone number where you can call Open Rent and get advice?
The buildings are insured and I have a contents insurance but that is all.

I would email them on FAQs | OpenRent
I only use them for advertising so cannot tell you how it works
Call your insurer and make sure you are ok to take short lets. They usually stipulate you cannot.

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Why only short lets? You do understand that unless they’re on holiday, it’s likely to be an AST with all the attendant obligations. You cannot currently evict in less than 8 months unless there are arrears, and that’s if they cooperate and all your paperwork is in order.

Thank you for your comments - I understand much better now