Setting up a tenancy

Apologies for my naivety/ ignorance about all things landlord….
We have just offered our rental property to a family as a short term let to bridge the time between selling and completing on a new property- probably for 6-8 weeks.
Is the Rent Now process what we should use? If we use it, what service is then provided? We have previously used an agency and so not had to sort anything out ourselves. This is a very short term arrangement for “friends of friends” so want to keep it as simple and cheap as possible, while protecting both parties.
Apart from an EPC and a Gas Safety Certificate what other documents do we need to provide?
Many thanks.

There are many potential risks with this. A tenant doesnt have to leave at end of contract and if they dont you wont be able to complete. You cant use section 21 to end a tenancy in the first 6 months

Most mortgages and insurances require a minimum term of 6 months so you would need to check with your providers if they would allow it.

Thank you for your reply.

It is the potential tenants who are waiting to complete their sale. They have sold and have a 6-8 week wait for completion on their purchase.

We are mortgage free on the rental property so that is not a consideration.

This is not a business for an inexperienced landlord any more. I suggest you join the NRLA and use their checklists or you could face a large fine for a simple mistake.

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