Sitting tenant 25 years rights?

Hi Guys

The leasehold on my flat has been handed over to a new landlord (my third). I’ve been at flat for 25 years and believe that makes me a sitting tenant. I didn’t sign anything with the second landlord (nephew of the first) and haven’t signed anything with the third. I am still yet to meet him. I’m wondering what my rights are considering I signed a standard tenancy agreement in 1996 to a different person? Can he evict me or up the rent (I have an agreed rent decided by tribunal as there are no renewed facilities).

The AST became the default tenancy in 1997. If youve been there since 1996 then its likely that your tenancy is an Assured Tenancy, (non shorthold). Before that date, it was possible to make a tenancy an AST by serving on the tenant a specific notice at the start.

If you have an AT, then s21 is not available to a landlord and the provisions of schedule 2 of the housing act 1988 must be used to evict a tenant. These are the reason/fault based section 8 notices. It may be possible for a landlord who has duly served you a s3/s48 notice for change of landlord, to then evict you using a s8 notice.

Thank you David, that’s v interesting. Will double check my old agreement. I’m guessing by reason/fault I would have to do something like not pay rent.

Yes, that sort of thing, but it also includes the landlord wanting the property to live in and a few other obscure grounds.

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