Tenancy signed but deposit and first month's rent not paid

Hi - a new tenant has signed the AST but still not paid either the deposit or first months rent. They are due to move in tomorrow. If monies are not received, can I cancel the tenancy?

Thank you.

yes .no money no move in… How come you never got the rent and deposit before , or when you signed?

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Not sure - they signed the contract last week, move in tomorrow. Overseas student so may be a delay there.

so you did this thru Openrent? If so they may have the money… I do all my own signing and collecting . I trust myself…

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Yup. It’s still showing up as unpaid.

contact them first thing tomorrow

I’m with Colin. No payment of correct rent and deposit then no keys to tenant and tenancy is void. My other advice is not to accept cash if they turn up with it.

From a legal perspective, they don’t yet have a tenancy, just a contract to supply. If your contract makes the grant of the tenancy dependent on advance payment of the first month’s rent then the contract would be voided if they didn’t pay. If not, then they could theoretically sue you for their costs, but I doubt it would come to that.

HI there.
As you will see from my own very unhappy thread, my own Tenant gave me a Deposit & 2 months rent then has refused to give anything more.

The eviction process is a very, very long thing which is doing me a lot of damage.

Don’t begin any Tenancy without EVERYTHING in place, otherwise you may end up in a terrible position like I am in now.