Tenant change of name in the AST

Hi, does anyone know how to change tenants name, there is a typo and I want to the right name on the AST, its a new contract, initially signed by the tenant, I spotted the typo and then asked him to amend it with the right name but the system will not allow us to change, then I tried to reset the contract and still no possibility to edit the tenants name. Cheers

Hi @Cristian6 - Thanks for posting.

If you go to your contract signing page, then click “Edit Contract”, you’ll see a box that looks like:

If you click on that, it will re-issue the contract.

Then the tenant can correct their name directly, but they will need to do this before signing, as it’s the tenant who signs the contract in their name. It’s worth letting them know you’re expecting their corrected name before you’re able to sign in case they’ve not spotted the error!


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