Tenant from hell destroyed flat-what are my rights

She’s Polish….that’s even worse for the tenant, good luck Gosia!

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100%. Students tend to be financially ignorant when it comes to legal repercussions. If it goes all the way to a CCJ, then the student will probably begin to realise the gravity of such a court ruling: no credit card, no private renting etc

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Get the opinion from several flooring specialists. When it comes to the court, a “we said, they said” argument won’t get anywhere. You need to have multiple quotes that:

a) confirm damage beyond wear and tear
b) state the cost of repair/replacement

This will hold weight in court. Outside of that, my advice would be to get it replaced with something, unfortunately, not as nice as engineered wood, due to the susceptibility of water damage from tenants (though I don’t think anyone would have guessed drying wet clothes on the floor…). Also, you might already have it, but it would be good to have a clause in your tenancy that states wet items and water-based cleaning must not be used on such floors.

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Hya, most of us have fallen foul of bad tenants but have to say it makes me more astute in ensuring every piece of paperwork is correct with signatures by tenant to state they have received each document. The courts appear to favour tenants and in my opinion look for every possible angle to let them of the hook.


agreed, what amazes me is how someone whose financial buffer is in a range of 3 pounds don’t even use a single brain cell when causing damages that will consume her deposit and beyond, beyond my comprehension

PS and I recall when I rented my flats in the UK nearly scrubbing them with toothbrush to avoid any deductions

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