Damages by Tenants

Hello All,
Does anyone know what the procedure is if a tenant causes damage during their tenancy which needs to be fixed immediately, if a LL is allowed to then invoice the tenants for rectifying the damage or does the LL have to wait until the tenants leave and claim from the deposit then?
Thank you.

Oh no not damage ugh some people hopefully u get it fixed mate. wondered if u could check my thread out too? could do with your expertise?


Thanks Rhyce.
Not sure I’ve got much expertise or help more importantly, but I’ve posted on here yesterday that it seems a lot of landlords are using Rent guarantee insurance to try and protect themselves. This means the insurance company is setting the criteria tenants have to meet and if they don’t landlords can’t get insurance.
If can reach a landlord directly which I know you are trying through here perhaps some might overlook certain things.
No news on dates of the apartment you had lined up?

I have taken money of a tenant who caused damage during a tenancy. It depends if they are willing to pay right away.

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Thank you.
They have said they aren’t willing to but would I then have to wait until tenancy ended and use the deposit or could I instigate a small claim as of now with them still being installed do you know?

Only in the small claims court and maybe the cost will be prohibitive… anyone can use the small claims against a tenant or home owner… If the damage is less than the deposit and is well doccumented then it will be cheaper to wait till the end of tenancy

Yes that makes sense.
Another thought, because I rectified it do you think it could be said that I should have asked the tenants to rectify it themselves?
It could be said I spent more than I needed to? (I didn’t obviously, as probably highly unlikely I will get any of it back!)

It depends what the damage was , I am in a dfferent position as I do all repairs and I do work on properties. I will charge if they lock themselves out and I have to travel 50 miles to let them in. …On the other hand for a good tenant I will plumb in the washing machine for free

That’s really good of you to drive to let them in. Most would tell them to get a locksmith! That’s nice.
It was the mould on the bathroom. They admitted to both myself and the builder (who had to remove it with professional solutions) they hadn’t been heating or ventilating and despite having regular contact with her she failed to inform me it until the whole room was dripping with it. Had numerous trades people round and all concluded there was nothing wrong with the house it was failure to ventilate etc.
Had to fix it as soon as possible, as obviously being mould it was dangerous.

Hi @Mr_T

Sadly still waiting according to the landlord its with the solicitor still which makes me wonder why it takes so long to finalise the deal he said it should be 3 weeks maximum but that ends tomorrow so im confused as to what to do.

Ive also decided to go with another estate agent but they want Guarantors which sadly i dont have ive not seen my daughter and partner since February and this is really getting to me now

Not sure what to do anymore in all honesty.

The council in my area keeps a list of landlords willing to accept housing benefit. Have you gone down that route at all?

Been and done.Again having no luck at all.

Im stuck i really am.

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Did they not have any landlords or not have any with properties available?
What did they advise you were meant to do?
I can see you are stuck, just wondering what people are meant to do

Heard of an organisation called Housing Hand who act as guarantors, for a fee of course, but think you have to be working.

See thats the issue i cant work at the moment because i have BI-Polar as much as i medicate it it doesnt change anything. Just need someone to help us.

They didnt have a list there they told me to check google.

Yes I remember you saying about your medical condition.

There’s a website called lettingaproperty.com which is meant to help locate landlords prepared to accept HB.

Not used it but just looked up.

Could i possibly contact you further via social media of some sort? that way i can go into more detail about things?

That website has no local places to rent sadly.

Contact me through the private messaging here?
Have also just looked up Crisis who have a data base and help to rent scheme.
Don’t know if you have tried that?

you could try a social worker who may have some contacts ,for help