Tenant has advised he has CCJ's

Sam i like that answer it is spot on. We err on the side of caution. But i fear goverments will not see it as clear as you have expressed it

I sympathise with owners who end up with unscrupulous tenants who don’t keep their side of the deal. I personally am a renter. I have a great secure job 30k. I have never missed a rent payment and would rather starve than not pay the rent. Every landlord I have had has wanted me to stay. I respect the owners property and look after it like it was my own and treat neighbours with respect. Yet I have CCJs I’m paying. Does not make me a bad person. I need to move as current landlord wants to sell. My family and I are worried about being homeless as no one will take us despite great references and a garanture. We are not all bad people.

best prove to a landlord that you are paying it off . Hopefully it is not for non payment of rent

As stated, have never not paid the rent, it’s unthinkable, I signed a contract promising I would stick to the terms.