Want to pay 6 months rent upfront

does anyone here know of any scottish letting agents in glasgow or nearby who dont do any credit checks and or will accept you if i pay 6 months rent upfront, as there shouldnt be any need for a credit or refrencing, by paying 6 months rent upfront?!

julian why should there be no need for a credit check you may stay longer than 6 months … If you say that to an agent he will think you have something to hide

right no i dont have any ccj or anything bad, its just i have bad credit rating and normally agents decline you accepting a property if you dont have good credit rating, also there have been times in the past where ive missed a bill, but mostg of the time, i pay them on time.

but i dont want a credit check done, as i dont want a agent to decline for accepting a flat, just beucase of some bloody bad credit.
but if i pay 6 months rent upfront then i dont why i would be declined, as im paying for tghe rent x6 in advace, so therefore nothing can go wrong in terms of paying the rent on time, as ive paid 6 months in one go.

Julian 1 yes i get where you are coming from . I am a landlord and dont have a good rating because I never borrow on a credit card and never had a record of paying back a loan!! I dont know any landlord who wont do a credit check but I could be wrong and a six month up front would certainly help your case. Some certainly would be influenced either way. Best thing is to be upfront with the landlord directly if possible

As a landlord I would say this. From the landlord’s perspective there could be much more than 6 months rent at stake. What if after the 6 months is up, you refuse to pay any more rent and the landlord is forced to engage lawyers and multiple court visits to evict you? Then, when you are finally dragged out by bailiffs, it turns out that you have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage in the property, and removed (stolen) items like cooker and fridge? In all that time the landlord has not had any income from their property and now has legal bills to pay and a property to put back into a rentable state. The contract between you means that you can be sued for most of those losses, but what if you have vanished, or clearly have little income and no assets. Court action would be a waste of time and money.

Now, I am not suggesting that any of that is your intention or is going to happen in the case of your tenancy. But look at it from a landlord’s perspective. These things DO happen and how is the landlord to know that you are one of the good guys and not one of the bad guys?

That is why I for one still need a credit check and/or guarantor who appears to be worth suing even with rent up front.


This could happen if your tenant defaults after the first month… leaving you with only the security deposit to retain… So at least you have had six months rent… am I wrong but dont most tenancy agreement start on a six month basis!! How about signing a new one after that ,and taking on six months rent again… and so on .

I agree it’s all about money if the landlord gets it upfront what’s the problem, one more thing can all landlords be trusted!! When paying 6 months upfront… how do you know the house isn’t already in the process of being repossessed :face_with_monocle:

equally can all tenants be trusted

Theirs bad in both … can we ask for references from landlords…maybe a credit check before I had over several thousands off ££££

you can ask . do you have other tenants I can talk to? Pay a solicitor to do a check on the landlord

The problem is after the six months end!

You are right nobody knows exactly how anyone is going to behave but it’s about putting everything possible in place that can be used to try and mitigate any loss or bad situation.

You will hand over £££’s but a landlord will be handing over £££££££££’s in return!

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Personally I would never damage or disrespect someone else property… and would always pay the rent on time , but I suppose I can’t comment on other people’s situations…and yes I agree being a landlord and investing large amounts of money into a property can be a real worry.