Tenant has problems paying £200/mo rent

Tenant has problems paying £200/mo. rent. A very reasonable and affordable rent for a large 2 room apt. located on a main road, with an off road parking, a kitchen,a sizeable bathroom with a bath tub shower and another fixed amount of £20 extra per month for water and electric. Thus £220 all inclusive. There is shortage of apartments and homes for rent in our area. I know they will pay it, but if I was them I would not be late and save up just to be able to pay in time. £200 is not £800 or £2000. It’s just two hundred quid. And that’s not for a week, but for an entire month of rent. I charge a very reasonable amount to make sure I am always paid in time.

This is a UK based forum

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Yes, of course. It is a UK forum.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Is there a question?

Is this an AI generated story?

Is this a Q&A forum? Does it have to be a question or can it be a discussion instead?

I think what it is, is that we do not see the point of your statement. It calls for no statement or reply on our part

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if a tenant isn’t paying such a small amount on time then you really need to be thinking about getting them out and replacing with someone stable.

It’s not good to be wondering every month when and if your rent is going to arrive!

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You mean on your part. It’s okay. Thanks for your attention.

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