Tenant is away for 3 months in winter

My tenant is going away for 3 months from the second week of December to the mid of March.
I asked him to leave the heating on for at least 8 degree.

Is there anything normally people do when tenant is away for longer period?


turn water mains off?

I am worried if the house is left without heating for 3 months in winter whether some damp will start appearing when they are back.

the boiler will have a frost setting? so it can be set to come on at a lowish temperature

Not sure whether it has got frost settings. I will check it. If it is not there is it better to leave the heating on for at least 8 degree?

5 degrees is good enough

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Check your insurance too. It is often invalid if the property is empty for more than 30 days at a time, so you would need to tell your insurer and potentially agree an inspection schedule for you to go on and check the house whilst the tenant is away.


My insurance says 12 degrees. Check yours.

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