Tenant leaving and rent

Be thankful you have a good tenant who hasn’t trashed the place and you are now paying to repair it as well as losing rent!
I don’t understand why you would ask the question. You have obviously made money fron him.


The OP has now asked the same question on Landlordzone.

You clearly want to charge him for these five days and it would appear you would be entitled to do so along with any compensation for the shelf unit.

Just wondering what you are really worried about as there doesn’t appear to be any dilemma?


Do you really need to ask. Whats 3 days when you have had a good reliable tenant for 2 years. What is it with people and grasping every last penny. As for people moving in same day? Dont you even clean down. Thats not a 2 minute job. Even if he left it spotlessly clean it needs attention.


Not soft just appreciative of their custom, yes they are valued customers, and the fact that they have kept it in good order.

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Hi Rebecca,
I wish all my landlord problems would be like that.

I would like to open this shelf unit issue. Are you claiming it is now stolen?

Sometimes the mental hassle of pursuing something just isn’t worth it. Being able to forget about it and move on can sometimes be worth far more.

If they’ve been fair tenants I’d be far more inclined to let it go.

If theyve taken something that’s not theirs then that would probably wind me up.


I am a tenant and was renting for 16 years at the same property and paid to the day I left the property, I would expect a tenant to pay to the day they leave, I don’t think that is unreasonable

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that is good as well . Sometimes a person by the tone of what they say come over as being a shylock , that riles most people

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I had very good tenant and his partner who stayed
in my flat for a few years. There was a similar situation
about days where they stayed. He asked me for calculation and I made error by counting one day less and he said replied according his calculation and he paid that amount. I said it was fine but but he insisted that he would pay for the days he stayed in the property.

Also they left a really nice card with a good message
for thank for being a nice landlady and good service. They really enjoyed but they wanted bigger space as working from home during covid. So at the end of the term they
decided to move to bigger space.

I wish in this world all landlords get tenant like that.

I just wanted to say that if tenants are really good and they know their landlords been good then they would not ask landlord in such away for free days.

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takes all sorts to make a world


Shame on the tenant for asking but, really, is it even worth the time you’ve spent on here?

Be very thankful he left on time and left the place fit for the new tenant, that’s worth a small fortune, believe me, I’ve had lots of experience of the alternative.


Imagine that you wrote to the tenant saying that you were keeping a bit of their deposit and hoped they didn’t mind because - as you are sure they agree - you’ve been such a great landlord.

It should not cause offence to ask but I’d deduct the unpaid rent from the deposit.

What I would not do is charge two tenants for the same day.


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