Tenant wants to leave

Hi all

So update is I agreed to allow the tenant to leave the flat earlier than the 1 year agreed date for the AST. Asked for a 1 months’ notice which they refused point blank (just told the agent she is off in 4 days time and wont pay any more rent), not sharing any relet costs, front door been kicked in and damaged and block manager on my case to repair and tenant does not want to know. Swallowed the bitter pill thinking get the keys back and put it down to experience and just let them go.

Planned checkout day come and gone. Now Tennant is behind with packing and wants an extra day there. In addition tenant wants their deposit back at the same time as keys are returned or else threatening to stay put. Deposit is not even with the agent as its with the deposit scheme. Explained this and no joy.

What a nightmare! Don’t know what else I can do as bending over backwards and being taken full advantage off!!

Anyone been in this situation would love to hear your views.