Tenants requesting rent reduction?


I’m very new to being a landlord and my first tenants moved in at the end of April.

Prior to the tenancy the agency I work with asked me to do a few ‘touch ups’ as there were some marks on the walls. I thought I’d made the property presentable and the tenants viewed it twice before signing the lease. (This was prior to me doing any painting)

The tenants have moved in and have asked for the entire flat to be redecorated due to there being a few patches on the wall. I’ve been in there since and although not a complete eye sore I can appreciate there are 3 walls in the property with some patches.

I can’t afford to get the property fully redecorated as I’ve been quoted around £2,000 which I just dont have at the moment. I’ve offered to get a decorator in for the 3 walls however the tenants have requested a 50% rent reduction until this is done? Is this a fair request? I appreciate it may be an inconvenience for them for a day or so when my decorators are in however I don’t believe the walls affect their day to day life?

Any advice would be appreciated

these tenants are going to be trouble, 50% outrageous . They signed and saw it . !


My thoughts exactly!


Unless there was something contractually agreed that you would undertake the repairs for simple patches to the walls, the tenants are not entitled to any reduction, let alone 50%! This may be different if the patches were due to damp and it was having an impact on their life e.g. health. But for purely cosmetic marks on walls, there is no such obligation on the landlord. You could ask the tenants to kindly point out in their contract where this is stated (I suspect they can’t). It sounds like the tenants are trying it on.


absolutely no way would i agree to any reduction. marks on wall can easily be corrected and doesnt need entire property redecorated. they take as they find and remind them this was never agreed nor discussed prior to acceptance. be firm with them.


Thanks all :+1: I’m a bit of a people pleaser and very new to this so your advice is much appreciated.


I was too and it never ends well. Start as you mean to go on, I had something similar and when you do wake up and start trying to put boundaries in place they will not like it.


They have inspected it and accepted it.
There should be no reduction on rent, suggest you give them the option to leave if they are not satisfied what they have signed for.
they have probably tried this with other landlords.


Did you have an incoming inventory inspection and report which they also signed?

You could buy a tin of paint for say £30 if they want to paint the three walls providing they protect the carpets. That would seems a fair quid pro quo!

Otherwise you are under no obligation as stated above but to show being reasonable, which they are not, the paint provision is a good way forward.

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