Tendency Notice by tenants


I have 1 year tenancy agreement can tenants give the notice to leave at month 8?

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Do you have a break clause included in your AST?

No there is no break clause

Hi, tenants can serve notice during the fixed term, but the notice will only terminate the tenancy if it expires after the fixed term ends.

E.g. they can serve notice in the 8th month of a 12 month tenancy due to expire at the end of the 14th month, and that would end the tenancy. But if they served notice due to expire at the end of the 10th month, this would not terminate the tenancy.

(This is assuming no break clause.)



I am selling my rental property and want to give my tenants notice. Is there a standard letter which anyone could share please?

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A letter will be of no legal effect. You need to serve a proper notice seeking possession. I would suggest s21 using the Gov’t form 6a. You can check whether your s21 notice is valid here: Section 21 flowchart - Nearly Legal: Housing Law News and Comment

The notice doesn’t end the tenancy. No landlord notice does. However, most good tenants move out on expiry of the notice if you work with them. If not, then you are in for several months further wait whilst you evict them using the courts and bailiffs.

Hi David

Thank you so much. That’s really helpful.

The tenants have a really helpful guarantor who I am hopeful will steer them in the right direction.

I will certainly use the s21 form as you suggest.

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