The Rightmove Passport


I’ve used the Openrent platform a few times and I like it, especially considering how much it costs compared to traditional agents. My main issue is the number of unsuitable enquiries I have to wade through, asking the same questions multiple times etc, just to avoid doing viewings with people who may not be suitable. With the reference fees now on the landlord I believe this process will become even more rigorous as you need to be careful who you even reference now as otherwise you could spend quite a lot on wasted referencing. Rightmove seem to have developed a product that I believe could do away with this headache pretty much straight away, as you would see from their “Rightmove Passport” if they were suitable or not. If all seems OK you would then view and pay for the referencing as normal I guess but it should expedite the process as if people do not fit the criteria you want on their passport it saves wasting both parties time. I know Openrent advertise via Rightmove and I assume a fair few leads come through that portal. Are you going to incorporate this so landlords can pre-qualify applicants? I believe this would be popular with landlords and tenants as it would save a lot of time for all.

This is the product I’m talking about, if people are unaware of it: