Tips for vetting and picking tenants?

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first time landlord to be here, about to post my listing. So i’m looking for some tips around the process of vetting and picking tenants. I"m in London if that helps.
Both for viewings and then for the actual letting.

Normally through an agency (I only have experience as a tenant) they ask you to register with them, ask about job income, in some cases proof of income etc… already upfront. With OpenRent you can setup some “vetting questions” which I guess aim to scare off timewasters

How do you qualify and pick tenants? Any questions you always ask? any red flags from experience?
How do you evaluate during a viewing?

anything helps :slight_smile:

vetting. … ! Is this application for yourself only? How old are you? Do you smoke ? Do you have pets? Do you have a car? do you have children ? Are you in work? Do you get state help with rent? Do you rent at present? How much do you earn? Do you have any CCJ s?..(. These are not in order of importance ). would you be willing to prove by bank statements your fianancial standing ? You are the landlord you can ask anything in a kind manner. If an applicant does not want to answer then they dont get a viewing


I only once used an agent never again. ALWAYS reference them. First I meet them after they have given basic info if that goes well I reference them. If they fail that’s the end of that. I also get rent guarantee insurance. If things do go wrong they pay the rent and help with removing them. Ask any questions you like that helps you determine suitability. I tell them up front what is unacceptable ie loud music parties at silly o’clock or abusive behaviour to the neighbours. Their reaction to these questions are a giveaway. I would rather leave empty till I find the right ones.


I’d suggest making a list of your questions and then phoning them with it in front of you and making a note of their answers. That way you’ll know for sure if there are inconsistencies later in the conversation that it’s not just you going mad. I had one woman who told me on the phone that she had 2 kids and it turned out she had 3! She was trying to pretend that she’d said that all along so I was really glad I had my notes as a sanity check.

Here’s the list I use:

  • When would you like to move in?
  • Where are you living now?
  • Why are you moving?
  • Where do you work?
  • Who would be moving in?
  • Furnished or unfurnished?
  • Happy with 12 month tenancy?
  • Why are you renting?
  • Have you ever been evicted?
  • What’s your relationship like with your current landlord / letting agent?
  • Where did you see the property?

thanks! looks like it’s difficult to get RGI right now (because of the current situation) but i’ll look into that!

Hi yes I got a month ago. It is around 100 to 200 more than before pandemic. Rentguard upped it from 89 to 289 so looked on internet got it for 202. Still worth it.


Thanks! I’ll look into it! What provider did you end up with, if I may ask?

Thank you all! At what point do you ask for proof of income, if you do? And what works best? Payslip? Employer letter?

go for both you cannot check too much . do not be rushed ,if a tenant wants to push you there is a hidden agenda. ALWAYS getall the info before you promise or sign anything


Hi Fillipo its payment shield

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They must pass the referencing though through a official body. If they fail it is void.

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After you’ve vetted with your initial questions, and met some people, reference all prospective tenants to get a bigger picture.

We had two couples we were torn with, both seemed lovely. Turns out one of them had 3 active CCJ’s! Made the decision to go with the other couple really easy.