To accept a tenant who's failed referencing but willing to pay upfront?

I have a young couple keen to rent my flat. One of them has passed referencing but the other has not (likely due to having only been in her job for 1 month). If she is unable to secure a guarantor she has suggested she pays an amount upfront… would you accept this type of arrangement? The monthly rent is £785 and his credit reference states he is good for £600/month so if she were to pay the difference upfront for the 12 month tenancy does this sound acceptable? Thanks in advance for your thoughts / advice!

I took an upfront payment on a girl who had no job but had just moved to the area. Her Dad paid it We just liked her. He paid 6 months for her, she was so nervous at the interview,. Great tenant , got a job . all ok… comes down sometimes to our gut feeling and our experience


Thanks Colin. My instinct is to go with it. Her parents live abroad so are unable to be guarantors, but may be able to help with an upfront payment. Just trying to work out the level of risk… but this year there is no guarantee even with someone who’s been employed long-term is there?!

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Exactly so. uncertain. I would ask how long they have been together. I have had one or two who got a place together and a couple of months later split up !

My dad lives abroad so can’t be a guarantor but would be happy to help out financially.

I’ve always been frugal so those “you can afford…” levels feel arbitrary to me because I’ve quite comfortably lived below them while saving up money.

I would be really careful taking the difference up front. You just need to make sure the lease is worded really well and you understand how to legally set it up to prevent an unprotected deposit situation or any other legal issues.