To landlords who have sold

Hullo Landords who have sold up in the last few years because of goverment regs. I would be interested to know if you have sold to other landlords who will still rent out , or to owner occupiers. Who buys will obviously have an effect on the rental market. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, OP. I can’t help with the question but the agency we deal with, says that they get a lot of rental properties with tenants in situ for sale. They even offered us three flats for sale from one LL, all with social housing TT in situ, some with a child, too. Of course, we politely declined. I have to say that they’re sold really cheap, and there’s no requirement to buy all of them. I’d love to see how long they will stay on the market and will report later. Nice location but what’s the point? And it’ll be hard to get mortgage on them, too.


The first of mine is still on the market and things are slow. The agent reports that all the interest so far, (about 10 viewings) has been from first time buyers.


David, how long has it been for sale, if I may?

Since 1 April. London market appears quite slow, at least in zone 4. This is an entry level 2 bed flat and well priced. I have another becoming vacant in early June sk keen to see some progress before contacting agents about that one.

Noooo… Are you saying that you’re selling all your portfolio?

Yes. As I said in another post, its not just the Renters Reform Bill, or the EPC changes or the tax or the interest rate rises, or even the fear of a change to the rate of CGT, (although that is a big driver for bringing my plans forward), its that I’ve reached a certain age. If you’re interested, theyre all excellent tenants and my paperwork is immaculate. :slightly_smiling_face:

What city is it? Any council TT there?

Theyre all in London zone 4. Brent and Ealing Councils.

Yes Colin I’m selling one of my 2 properties and the buyer is a landlord. Tenant gone in March. Sale still going through. Yes I’m tired of the constant landlord bashing and the financial risk from potentially bad tenants, with no protection from the law. I don’t have a mortgage so I can get almost the same amount from a high interest saving account without any of the hassle of renting.
My other property has a brilliant tenant and it would not be fair or decent to give them notice to quit, even though I would lose less to CGT if I sold it now.


When, I am in Bristol, and so are all of my properties.
Do let us know when you manage to sell it. Would be interesting to see what timeframe we’re talking about.

thanks .I am curious as to whether landlords would still be buying or selling to home owners, I have just bought off a landlord but not to rent out,. . given to my son a first time owner.

I sold a flat as the last tenant left it an absolute mess at a cost of £2000 to put right. We sold to a owner occupier not a land lord. The other 2vhave excellent long term tenants but if they leave at any point we will also sell those.

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thanks for reply .I remember, did you post about that tenant on here ? It was a big Problem ,if I remember the correct post

Hi Colin yes I did. I was still unsure wether to sell as it was a beautiful flat but decided not to go there again. It sold quickly as it was immaculate after the refurb. We still have 2 lovely tenants that really look after the properties and we get on very well. Once they go we will sell them as well but hopefully they will be happy to remain a while longer.

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It would be great if landlords selling could do so to first time buyers . totally depends on getting a mortgage tho.

Yes, I agree and I was hopeful when Skipton announced a new mortgage aimed at tenants. I hope others follow suit.

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I’m assuming you had quite a low ROI on your property, otherwise I would be very keen to know what savings account you’ve found to compete with letting income?

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very similar experience. Had a buyer for a flat in Leeds in Nov but it fell through last month. All viewers back then and now are first time buyers.

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Hi David, I might be interested in having a conversation about this – could you send me an email ?

I’ve been looking for properties in Z4