Tumble dryers and energy bills

I have a newly refurbished HMO that I’m very proud of after 7 months of builders and mess. They’ve done a fantastic job and I want to provide a 5 star service for my customers. So I researched energy efficient tumble dryers in order to reduce condensation as well as to provide convenience. I ended up buying a heat pump tumble dryer. They cost considerably more than condensing dryers on average but I thought it would be worth it as it would be saving on electricity, which I’m paying for . Tenants agreed to a coin operated socket and all seemed well until the first one to use it reported that it took about four hours to dry a load of towels . We are so disappointed. I’m having the electrician back to adjust the timer to allow about 4 hours for £1. I guess these dryers will take some getting used to but so far we are not impressed . :thinking:

Heat pumps are efficient but slow, like the older condenser dryer were. The fastest dryers are ‘vented’ but more expensive to run, and less environmentally friendly.

I have a heat pump in my HMO, with no complaints.

I don’t charge for its use, as I too have aimed for high quality accommodation & adding a charge for its use is not offering a 5 star service in my eyes. The rent includes all bills including the laundry.

I do understand that charging might discourage unnecessary use, but I’d rather them use the dryer, than having wet clothes hanging everywhere, which encourages damp issues.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I’m going to have to suck it up and disconnect the coin socket . I saw one heading off to the launderette and felt so bad.


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