Two guarantors?

I have just referenced a guarantor who owns property, a business but as they pay dividends their salary is not enough to cover the rent so they have been declined as suitable guarantor even though she is low risk, no ccjs etc.

The potential tenant is a single mum, working with HB topup, and her mum was the guarantor, her step dad is also willing to be a guarantor, is it possible to have joint guarantors for a single tenant?

you can have two if you wish and all are agreeable

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My reply is a little late, and because of Covid19 you currently can’t get a Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy. However, if all you want is a guarantor, then you have one, just bear in mind my next statement.

However, under past circumstances, I would suggest that if one Guarantor is a business and its owner has very little salary and you want a Rent Guarantee Policy, talk to the insurer. The may provide cover based on say three year of business profits.