UC and Salary but rejected for viewings

Hi, hoping I can get some advice so I can make sense of this please…
I’ve been looking for a rental for a few months now and have been constantly refused any viewings as soon as I mention UC.
It’s constantly pushed to ‘landlord won’t accept’ by the agency or if on openrent its just no response.
I understand DSS and UC raise flags to landlords but here is my situation and I’m shocked I’m not even given any consideration or options to rent!

My partner is full time employed with a set salary and bonus.
I lost my job last year and opted to stay home with kids until the world reset from this virus.
Our children are 7months, 22 months and 5yrs.
Childcare costs for them would be much much more than what I was earning anyway.
We (it’s a joint UC account) receive a UC award. This takes into account my partners employment income then we get an allocated payment based on housing, 2 of the kids and a basic living cost.
This amount will only stop when I/we start earning more than the allocation.
So taking into account UC and Salary our household income is plus 40k.
We rent a 3 bed bungalow at £1350pm, been here 2 yrs. No ccjs, or arrears or non payments. Probably just a low credit score. Have never missed any rent payments or utilities in 17yrs of renting.
Moving as horrible damp/mould in the house, kids all sick and landlord/agency not doing anything to fix. Really did not want to move but have no choice.

I’m being told we can only afford a property £900 to £1000 per month which amounts to nothing suitable for us. No landlords will even consider us for properties over this and we will be wasting time and will never pass affordability check as UC is not considered.
I even called a credit check agency and they said they would accept UC.

It’s all being passed to the landlords and their insurance/mortgage policies.

Please could anyone clarify this? Why can’t we even get a viewing or even on a waiting list for a viewing? Just automatically shut out as soon as UC comes up.

I’m at the point of stuffing my growing family into a 1bed, move 50miles out (in which case my partner can’t keep his job or we break apart our family so he can) or we are homeless next month… struggling with this for months and can’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance for any clarification or solutions!

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It’s going to be primarily landlords affordability assessment. Standard multiple of rental required is 3 x rent so at £1350 pm you’d need income of £48,600.

You wouldn’t have much left after rent, bills etc to support 5 people and landlords just feel.there would be an increased risk of you not paying or not heating the property which then leads to damp and maintenance issues.

I think you do need to try to find somewhere cheaper, I know this isn’t easy.

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Thanks @Richard19
Just finding it so hard to accept that as we pay this amount for years now… trying to fit us into a 1 bed just to keep our son in school or losing their dad if we move to a more affordable (in everyone’s opinion) area.
There’s such a negative view to UC even though it helps families so that at least one parent can stay home to care for them.
Even an opportunity to present ourselves and finances would be appreciated from landlords/agencies but all we are seen as is a waste of time…
We’re heading out this week to far out areas to see what we can get, praying for a miracle so we can live together.
All the best.

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Where in the country are you

Hi @Steve11
We are in Bexleyheath, Kent. Have been looking for anything here (preferred as we can keep our son in his school) but looking all the way to Gravesend.
Will also be looking at Rochester and New Ash Green this week.
Partner travels to Camberwell 6 days a week on motorbike so looking at connections to A2 or up to 1hr travel - he starts at 4am so that’s handy.
I’m not sure about areas so welcome any suggestions that may be suitable to us :pray:

Ah, ok. I have a property coming up soon but near Manchester. Good luck. Rents are cheaper round here.

Aww thank you so much for considering it!
A move completely out of London will be in the cards the way things are, but we will need time to plan it:-)

Just wish this stigma around UC could be changed so we could keep the life we have taken so long to build… who knows after 17 years and the fight for equality, freedom and an amazing career its time to head back to South Africa! At least there’s the sunshine:-)

Best wishes with your property, have a wonderful Christmas and 2022. Keep safe.


A lot of the issues are that UC doesn’t cover market rents. It was set to cover cheapest 30% of rentals but has been frozen for 2 years since so would now only cover the very cheapest rentals as rents have gone up a lot since they were set.

If you had someone who could act as a guarantor that would help a lot. Different landlords will have different criteria but should be a house owner. If you don’t then you can get companies to be your guarantor, the typical cost is 1 months rent.

Thanks @Richard19

Sure I understand, I would probably be wary too if I was ever able to own a house for rent…
But we’re a family with a steady income and top up from UC while I’m home for a short period. Of course it’s not the ideal in terms of affordability but we ensure our rent and utilities are paid as its a necessity for our family.
As UC has its own payment periods, we use my partners salary to pay our full rent each month then I balance everything once we get our award.

It’s really the complete stop when I say UC that’s getting to me… no viewing, no waiting list for a viewing, no chance to even let a landlord know this to consider. Of course ultimately the answer could still be no but at least we were given a chance.

Unfortunately we don’t have a guarantor… and paying a month’s rent to get one could be done (wasn’t even told this was an option before) but that would actually hit us harder as we would also need to consider moving costs at the same time.

It’s been a tough decision giving our notice here… but the kids health has deteriorated in 2years and we have no quality of life left. Plus all this time stuck at home, it’s taken its toll on us.

I understand rentals are a business and don’t expect a bleeding heart but just find it all unfair to write us or anyone off because of the stigma attached to UC. Not every case is the same and had hoped some (most?) Landlords would at least give it some consideration… at worst they can still say no, at best they end up with amazing tenants and their investment is well taken care of :heart:


And if there are any landlords looking at this thread…
I’m sure many are parents (even if not) and understand the anguish involved when doing what’s best for your family.
We hear horror stories in the news on a daily basis, sometimes involving kids. Yes some parents are horrible but there are some just doing their best but there’s the constant slammed doors to everything…
Giving a chance to one family may be a waste of time but its the chance that gives them hope… even if ultimately its still a no.
It stops that mental anguish on what to do for your family, even if only for a short while.
This won’t have any impact for me but please give someone a chance, with the world the way it is, it’s all we can do!
#BeKind isn’t just a hashtag. You could save someone by just giving them a chance, give them some dignity. Some are not asking for a hand out, and will not bite the hand that feeds them.
God Bless.


Really good you are here and trying.
Just for the record we took people in on trust, without all the necessary boxes ticked.
( Got s#@t on each time, but it could have been worse and obviously we know that the same could have happened even with tenants who did fulfill all the criteria.
You sound very lovely so hope you can get a foot in the door soon.

Thank you Ms T!
It’s really a tough situation, there are tenants that exploit the benefits system and make it harder for everyone.
Also, in all my years this is the first time a landlord has ignored our wellbeing and ignored this damp. Even after bringing her in and showing her the situation.
We moved here to raise our family, instead it’s breaking us apart.
But that doesn’t stop us trying and believing that there are good landlords, we need to keep faith.
I was teaching my 5yr old last night that we can’t just sit back and stop if something is difficult, it may not make a difference to us but if one landlord gives a family a chance it makes a difference to that one family :pray:
What would we be without faith and values…
This is a harsh world, every little bit we can do makes it brighter.
Thanks for reading and your lovely message, have a wonderful Christmas and blessed 2022 :blush:


Anyone on benefits can stop paying their rent and keep there benefits,the Goverment is condoning this action by doing squat about it.Whilst this policy exists LL will alsways shy away from people on benefits.
Then theres the affordability factor , in order for LL to get rent protection insurance the tenants need to have a check which includes this, so you will fail this.


Thanks @Leslie1
I appreciate the situation.
The point I’m trying to make is that not every UC case is the same, there actually are people that don’t abuse the system and have respect for the home they get, like us they are just trying to raise their family in a good environment and have a stable salary and UC award.
But there’s not even a chance to show that and show affordability… we are looking at houses much less than what we already pay, now we have been told we can’t have 3 children in a 2bed so that’s another issue.
Anyway, it is what it is but I’d rather be given a chance and fail than never given one at all.


Have you ever thought that landlords have given chance
more than once but badly treated. Landlords lost a lot financially and on top of that stress. Then it’s becomes very difficult for the landlords. People should realise that landlords
have created the work for themselves and after having
very bad experience no wonder they would not consider.

Wish you all the best.

Hi @Prafula
Yes absolutely, I can understand that having bad experiences will definitely put landlords off… why would they subject themselves to more stress and loss!
My point is that the word UC does not instantly translate to bad tenants/no rent payments/stress/loss.
The same way that there are some absolutely horrendous landlords out there, doesn’t paint everyone with the same brush.
Again, we pay more than what we are looking to rent, have no credit issues, no defaults or arrears, have one salary, can’t rent a 3bed because we apparently cannot afford it, can’t rent a 2bed as we have 3kids, told we are a waste of time - PURELY on the word UC… it goes no further as we’re written off.
I’ll also say that some of the properties I’ve been looking at have been on the market since October/early November yet they won’t even consider us for a viewing just because of the word UC.
So it seems landlords would rather have a property empty for ages rather than consider a family with UC+Salary… its just so sad.

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Hi sorry in your opinion you would say it’s sad
or there might some others but from my experience
some landlords who had bad experience they would
not not go through that as people could say they
may prefer keep property empty and go for loss and
no stress and years of hassles and troubles.

Not everyone are same but landlords have to
decide who they would like to rent just like in any
business who they like to employ and how much risk
individual like to take.
Wish you all the best and hope you find somewhere

Thanks @Prafula
I’m really agreeing with you… and sorry that you’ve had trouble with UC tenants.
Of course landlords should and do factor in the risk, but that’s what I’m saying… at least look at the individual UC situation to decide, not just write them off just because there’s the stigma that everyone is the same.
Ultimately the final decision could still be no but at least the circumstances were acknowledged.
I didn’t plan on looking for a house now but because of a bad landlord I’m forced to, didn’t know that I wouldn’t even be considered just because of UC.
Thanks for the well wishes and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :pray::blush:


Have you been applying through agencies or directly through landlords? We were in a very similar position and found out we are often told lies. Affordability aside they worry about there being only one sole income. What happens if that person falls sick or has a work accident? How will they afford rent etc etc. Also lots of landlords don’t want kids in London. Even though it is technically speaking not allowed we had countless agencies tell us no kids, working professional only. This especially in finance as there is a shortage of have priority and families are being pushed outside London. I had no problems moving around before covid but its gone absolutely crazy lately. There are far more tenants than properties. It was predicted the last 18 months for every house sold there were 24 buyers. Landlords really have the pick now and if they can get someone who earns well over 50k both have a sturdy job why would they choose a family with only one income. That’s the sad truth. I looked into landlord forums and it is all about risk for them. Most agencies now wont take anyone earning less than 45k. Lots dont consider benefits being an income really so they won’t calculate it towards the household income. However, don’t give up! It will just take you longer than others but there still are plenty landlords that are willing to accept your circumstances. We recently did and he is most lovely


Hi @Afua
Applying through both but yes getting exactly the same response.
Even have a job isn’t always stable as anything can happen… UC is at least steady but such a shame no one will consider it.
Oh I really really hope something comes through, praying for a home and a good landlord.
Glad you’ve got one, this pandemic has really messed things up…
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :blush: