What are other Landlords doing to expand their portfolios? Is starting a LTD the best way forward nowadays?

Hi All,

I just wanted to gather some feedback on whether starting a LTD company was the best way to purchase further BTL’s? I would like to expand my portfolio however buying in my personal name comes with increased tax (3% additional tax on purchase price, income tax, mortgage relief etc). Also how are landlords funding their new BTL’s investments, I am either looking at re-mortgaging my personal home ( more equity in this house) and using this to invest in new properties, is this the right way or are there other avenues available?

Thanks for reading and look forward to your helpful advise.

That’s probably best a question for your accountant.

Personally, I’m happy holding the one property & running it as a sole trader and doing the accounts & tax return myself. So what if I pay a touch more in tax - it’s a much easier way of running the business & I’m happy to pay for that. But then my property isn’t my day job - it’s my side gig, if it’s your main source of income then, as I said, you’re probably best off talking to an accountant as everyone’s situation will be different.