What rent increase is legal

Me and my husband live in a downstairs flat in a HMO. We pay rent which include all the bills at £1100. We had 12 months contract which is due to be renew on 6th of September. Due to cost of electricity and gas increase we agreed to rent increase £229 a month. We received a new contract recently and signed it electronically but haven’t saved a copy of the contract unfortunately. Now we got a message from the landlord today that he wants to increase the rent for another £198 and he is going to change the contract as the other one has not yet started. It will mean a rent increase from £1100 to £1527 . And with only 10 days notice. Is this legal?

He has to give a clear month’s notice.

So don’t pay it if you do not agree as paying it will be deemed that you accept it.

I am not sure what the rules are to challenging a rent increase in an HMO, but am sure someone will know.

He cant change the contract, its binding, and he has to give you a new contract, which you can decline. The one youve already signed would then apply. If he denies that the one youve signed exists, then your current contract at £1100 a month would continue as a periodic tenancy month to month. If he then tries to increase your rent by £427, you can appeal to the First Tier Tribunal who will decide if its fair. Given the amount that fuel is increasing, it may well be fair. He may also serve you notice to leave.

Im sorry this is happening to you and you may have to decide quickly now whether you should downsize to pay less rent.

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Thank you. It’s a one bedroom flat. The kitchen and living room are spacious but cannot downsize much really. I think the landlord is taking advantage of the gas and electricity situation to earn extra money. But cannot be sure as the current situation is unprecedented. Still £427 more a month feels little bit too much.
We will refuse to sign any new contract and see where it gets us. Meanwhile we will look for someplace else.
Thank you for your advice.


Im afraid many tenants are going to have to downsize to spaces they wouldnt previously have considered at least until we get back to some sort of normality. In your case, a studio flat or even a room in a shared house would be cheaper.

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