Who is responsible for eradicating condensation damp and mould?

I believe that kind of paint is used on the kitchen.Even the bathroom has no window or vent but no patches on walls. What I might do, before I move Is make sure the bedroom is dry, and clean the walls then buy some paint you suggested and do the bedroom, after all my landlord is sound he done me a favour renting me the flat. Cheers mate, again decent information.
And leave the dehumidifier with the property for next tenant.

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Thanks for all advice given, you are a breath of fresh air

Thank you for straight forward honest advice all the best in the future

Even if you run a dehumidifier it may not have time to extract all the moisture before the temperature crosses the dew point, although it might help somewhat because it reduces the amount of moisture in the air that can be dumped on the window.

I use a dehumidifier, and I wake up with perfectly dry windows.

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