(Whole house rental) Landlords want their name on council tax

Presently the council tax for the whole house is in my name (only) and I pay it.

  • They mentioned they might want to sell the house in 2024

  • They want to put the rent up by 400 per month this next year 2023

  • they now want THEIR name on the council tax

  • They want ME to pay them the council tax amount

I think this fraud & they are trying to evade paying capital gains tax when they sell the property.

I think it’s a total cheek to ask for this AND a rent increase.

I feel

  • my council tax receipt with my name is solid ID proof * * might be needed when I need to rent a new house.

I wonder if I agree to it if I would be breaking the law or just them?

I think if I confront them over this they may toss me out at the end of lease (in 4 months) and airB&B the house with short letts so they can pretend they live there / pick up post etc.

they are trying to fiddle the tax man .Do not be a party to it . They will not be able to kick you out as quick as they think .If they do get shirty, tell them the tax man will be interested in their plans

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:+1: thanks.

I appreciate the overview.

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