Why did I fail checks

Scam can’t believe what a con this is and how people aren’t told that if they guarantors fail to reply according to them and your guarantors are saying they did reply u lose the 200 deposit scunnard

Hi Annemarie,

Sorry to hear this application didn’t progress.

I can see one of the team have been in touch explaining what happens when a guarantor remains uncooperative during Rent Now - so this should answer any questions you have about your application.

I’ve also sent across a copy of your reference report to your email so you can have a look at this.

Any questions, do let me or one of the team know by responding to our email.


As a landlord I definitely would return the holding fee if you failed the referencing. I strongly urge landlords not to keep it. I find it abhorrent and that needs to be changed.

Hi there,

When a landlord requests a holding deposit is forfeit in Rent Now, we assess the application to ensure a holding deposit claim is fair.

As you’ve mentioned, Christine, it would be unfair to forfeit a holding deposit where the tenant is willing to proceed and the landlord has decided to not take the application further.

However, where a tenant or their guarantors do not cooperate with the referencing process, we will prompt them to urgently proceed - and if they remain uncooperative then the remaining holding deposit would be paid to the landlord in this scenario.

We also have various systems and reminders in place to prevent this happening, so that an application is only forfeit in extreme cases. Our policy is also described here:

Hope this helps.


A think it’s unfair for landlords to take two hundred pounds when apparently open rent are saying they can’t reach guarantors and guarantors are saying they complied??? Just a catch twenty two and you lose two hundred quid total scam !!!

If its their own fault because they have ignored requests then fair enough but if they fail after doing all that is requested then no the deposit should be returned.

If tenants fail referencing and you reject the application with Open Rent the landlords do not have a choice it is sent back to the tenant in fill minus the £20 references.