Would you ask for Guarantor?

Good point chris bout it comimg furnish its ankther extra especially if bills are not included also u have 2 thst in consideration like wifi maybe most ppl expect wifi abd even in the pics make sure there is everything they state i.e tv bedroom etc good tv :tv: :+1: lol :laughing: onky joking :wink:

Do u have something against ppl :thinking: income both mental health cant judge ppl ok very affenced dam rude !!!we have just as much right as everyone i have my reason y i cant work my partner has worked all his life etc hes poorly :cry: sorry i was rude to anyone im stronge opponent bad spelling dise everyone getbme or am i getting kick off here :sweat_smile:

I just canโ€™t see what Caroline has put anywhere in this thread that is unreasonable? Am I missing something?

Ok dont worry just me taking affened im a sensitive soul

Iโ€™m also a sensitive soul. Can I take offence at you taking offence at others? Sensible (not sensitive) reply is welcome.

Sorrty didnt quite understand u dont liked to affend ppl on general as long as ppl dnt affend me but i can take it on the chin

We are landlords for one property, our 24 yr old daughter and fiancรฉe are renting elsewhere. This is their second rental property, they left the first because of water pouring through the ceiling outside their door and windows disintegrating due to poor maintenance.
They have been flagging up problems with their current bathroom ceiling to their agents for months, it was clear to us that the shower tray in the flat above was leaking. 3 days before Christmas my daughter got out of the bath because the ceiling was dripping badly, 5 minutes later it collapsed. According to the tenants upstairs whose shower tray was leaking, this has happened before. Landlord did a temporary bodge job, we visited last week and there was water pouring through the ceiling when I used the toilet, He finally fixed it on Tuesday after taking the opportunity to look in their bedroom and go through their cupboards whilst they were at work.
I have just partially retired after paying into a pension since 1990. We are good landlords, I am horrified by the way my daughter and her fiancรฉ have been treated, so we have given them my pension lump sum to buy a property because we seem to be in a minority. If you are a landlord, think about how your would want your family members to be treated and act accordingly.