1-2 bedrooms needed


I am looking for a 1-2 bedroom to rent longterm for myself and my wife.

I am from Dubai and I moved for good to the UK and need help finding a place in Manchester to rent.

(No kids.No smoker.No pets)

Manchester (Salford,Eccles,Wellington, Withingshow)….etc

We both working with government job day time and hoping to move to be closer to family and friends . I can provide a guarantor / deposit and references and good credit checks.

I never had any tenet problems or compline form my neighbours or landlords.

please understand my frustrations is when am looking to find peace of mind to deal with all this requests and documentation from landlords.

Thank you,


Hi, firstly, you don’t say how long you’ve been residing in the UK. If it’s only a month or so, you won’t have been able to accrue any sort of credit to enable a check. Yes, you could hand over several months rent in advance, but if after the moneys run out and you can’t afford to then pay rent the landlords in a pickle. You could try a guarantor but that has pitfalls also.


the thing is I came here 2015 and it took me 6 years to get my status right after all because of the pandemic and the rules regarding Brixit.

I have visited the UK since 2006 and lived on and off when I have to come to the uk, and I decided to stay here with my wife because I was doing airline job all this years.

I have all the documents and the rights to live and work as I am now working full time with government job.

We have all the requirements to get the let agreement smooth.

The question is, who would give me the trust to find the right place to live as I am now living between hotels and shared rooms. and finding the system here so difficult regarding property.

Me and my wife working from 8am-8pm 5 days a week as full times and we earning very good salary to be able to cover all the expenses.

I hope this message goes to the right landlords who’s able to help finding home for us.

Kind regards,

I’m going to suggest you go to an estate/letting agent who’s an agent for landlords.

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Hello Guy,

Thank you so much for your email, I am really desperate to find peace of mind with my wife as it took us almost 1 year after the marriage and still we looking but no response from any LL.

I live in a shared house and my wife lives with her mom as she’s a uk citizen and NHS worker.

I really don’t understand the rental system in the uk and why is it so hard to find one bedroom for professional adult couples and we have all the requirements.

Anyway thanks again and if you know someone welling to help or to let us find 1-2 bedrooms up to £750 for long term tenancy agreement we are both ready for all the checks and documentation and all requirements.

Kind regards,

We aren’t anywhere near Manchester but I’m guessing there’s a Northwood Estate Agent in Manchester? Google search for letting agent in Manchester and contact them.

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I will do that mr guy, I really appreciate your help and guidance.

Thanks a lot,