1 month Fixed Term tenancy, what's the tenant notice if they want to leave?

Hi All

My tenant is on a fixed term contract. The fixed term is 1 month and has not lapsed yet. If the tenant wants to leave, do they have to give notice and if yes how long? Or do they simply cancel their standing order and vacate the property on the last day without giving notice?

Also there is a mutual break clause in the openrent contract which says “Any time after 4 months from the start of the Tenancy Agreement either party can exercise the break clause by giving two months notice in writing to the other party. This means that the earliest time that the tenancy can be ended by this clause is after the expiry of 6 months from the commencement of the Term.” But I trust this is void since the fixed term is 1 month so the 2 months notice after a fixed term of 4 month does not make sense.


Hi. Tenant doesn’t have to give any notice and can just leave at end of the month. The landlord can’t terminate in first 6 months, so 2 months notice after 4 months. This applies even though contract is only a month. 1 month contracts normally aren’t a good idea from landlords perspective.