2/3 bedroom for childcare

Please I am urgently in need of 2/3 bedroom house for my childcare business. Most especially children with special needs. Many Parents are ready to go back to work and they need a safe environment to leave their children. If you are a landlord and have a property to rent please contact me on 07404733386 Asap. Thanks

Isle of Man any good to you ?


What areas you looking at ?

You haven’t stated where you are looking in. Furthermore, I don’t think you will get many landlords respond to you on here. Assuming you even have all the necessary licences and qualifications to run a childcare business, many mortgage lenders won’t allow tenants to run a business from what is classed as a residential property. In addition this is likely to have high wear and tear and may require structural changes, so you are better off searching for a commercial venue.

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