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2021: Key Dates & New Rules for Landlords

Originally published at: 2021: Key Dates & New Rules for Landlords | OpenRent Landlord Hub

Landlords should be aware of five key dates in 2021. The year has big changes in store to the way landlords pay tax, evict tenants and pass safety criteria.  Let’s jump straight into the key dates and new rules for landlords in 2021. 1. Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Holiday Ends The temporary reduced rate…


Regarding point 2, the EICRs coming into effect, does anybody know whether there will be an extension if remedials are required as everybody is at home. I have had my reports done early but a few have come back needing some serious investigations which would require the electricity supply being off for substantial periods.

With tenants working from home and or because of lockdown, is it acceptable for the remedials not to be carried out. My electrician has informed me that it would be best for the properties to be empty.

I could, one supposes, put them in a hotel, but it would not be for key workers and what about pets etc…

I can’t find anything on the Housing Minister’s webpages on as nothing really has been mentioned since May 2020.

I have submitted a contact form but thought I might get a quicker answer on here.

The legislation is clear about the timescale by when remedial action must be taken after the report is produced, which is 28 days. The local authority could theoretically start proceedings against you for not complying, but there are multiple stages to this and you would have the opportunity to plead mitigation. Having said that, if the installation is currently unsafe then there is no alternative but to get it done now.