Electrical check for landlords

can any one help and advise on electrical checks from April this year whats the situation if you already have a tennent renting the property

You have to get one done before 1 April. You’ll have to contact the tenant to seek permission for access. I would suggest asap as electricians are getting very booked up

I thought the situation was you need to provide this if you have a new tenent moving in to the property if you already have a tenant you do not need one until they vacate ???

That’s only the first part of the legislation and the deadline for that was last June. ALL tenancies, including existing tenancies, have to comply by April 2021.

ok thank you whats the exact name i need to ask my electrician for

You require an EICR to the 18th edition ( Electrical Installation Condition Report)
I would advise you to get it ASAP as if you need to rewire you only have 28 days to do so once legislation comes into force in April.

7. Remedial work ( applies to C1 and C2 )

If the report shows that remedial work or further investigation is required, as set out above, landlords must complete this work within 28 days or any shorter period if specified as necessary in the report. Landlords must then provide written confirmation that the work has been carried out to their tenant and to the local authority within 28 days.